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  1. [JOOMLA 4 UPDATE] Joomla Templates Upgraded for Joomla 4.0.3

    Joomla 4 is a big release that includes a slew of new features. Everything has been rebuilt and reshaped, and many exciting new features have been introduced. SmartAddons team completed to update Joomla 3.10 templates. Now, we are upgrading our Joomla templates to Joomla 4.

  2. Prepare Your Site for Halloween - The Scariest Holiday of the Year

    Halloween is on its way! It's that "scary-good" time of year again. Some individuals feel that Halloween is a little holiday in comparison to Christmas and Easter, but they are unaware that even minor holidays as Halloween may result in considerable sales growth for their e-commerce firm.

  3. Joomla 4 Extensions Compatibility! Stay Updated with Us

    Joomla 4 is a large update with a lot of new features. Everything has been renovated and redesigned, and many new and interesting elements have been added. The SmartAddons team has finished updating Joomla 3.10 templates. We are currently updating our Joomla templates & Joomla extensions to Joomla 4.

  4. Falang 4.0.1 for Joomla 4 Available | How to Translate Content with Falang

    Falang is a Joomla plugin that allows you to translate text in Joomla websites right away. Falang simplifies the management of multilingual sites. It allows you to translate all aspects of your site in a dedicated component, element after element, language after language.

  5. How to Create Contact Us Page & Add Custom Fields to Contact Form in Shopify

    Understanding the important of Contact Us page, website developers already made it in any website templates. However, if you want to create by your own or customize the available one, you should learn how to create a Contact Us page. In this article, we concern on creating Contact Us page for Shopify websites, Shopify themes.



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